I’m Not Small

My youngest is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. He does not want to be called baby or little guy these days. He is a big kid just like his older brother. The baby pool is now warmly referred to as the wadding pool. Even the term babysitter has been replaced with childcare provider. It … More I’m Not Small

You’re Enough

We are our own tough critics. If someone else is not judging, you are judging yourself. I read an article recently that reminded readers that “love” comes in all shapes and sizes. Reading that favorite bedtime story or snuggling during a thunder storm are not the only ways moms and dads show love. The behind … More You’re Enough

Summer for a Buck

I raided my local Dollar Store for inspiration for cheap summer entertainment that will keep kids of all ages having a blast. Next time you are in your store, pick up a few of my favorite items and give some of these inexpensive summer projects a try. Seriously, for eight dollars, you can’t go wrong. … More Summer for a Buck