For The Birds

When my ideas run low, I turn to my three year old for some creative projects. At least I know he will be slightly interested in it if he was the idea producer. Sometimes he lacks ideas to and we are left turning the first thing we see into a momma day activity. We were … More For The Birds

Staying Afloat

During the summer children every where sign up for swimming lessons. It may be their first lesson or one to help build technic. They jump in following instructions and slowly begin to make their own waves. Scheduling work and family sometimes feels like treading water. At first, it seems easy and your head is well … More Staying Afloat

Green Rainbows

Since becoming Kelly O’Brien, I have looked at St. Patrick’s Day though green tinted glasses. Motherhood took that to a whole new level.   Catching little green men, pots of gold, rainbows – this is creativity central with chocolate covered in gold!! Who wouldn’t jump right in as an Irish Mom?! This year, we wanted … More Green Rainbows