Double Dare

Remember the television show Double Dare? Well, I grew up with the crazy after school favorite and recently heard they were bringing it back. Just in case it was a rumor, I decided to bring it back myself – summer style! Do yourself a favor and make a quick stop at your dollar store. Pick … More Double Dare

Fantastic Fathers

I love being a mom blogger. I love sharing the fun projects and activities that I do with my kids with people all over the world. I take time to plan, the crafts take time, taking pictures where my kids are looking takes time and then it takes time to blog. Let’s review – time!! … More Fantastic Fathers

7th Inning Stretch

I’m going to warn you this post will include multiple sporting references. Likely, many will be inaccurate and others will just be wrong. I could look them up to ensure they are correct but I’m going to let my laziness serve as a bit of humor here. All warnings aside, you are in the bottom … More 7th Inning Stretch

30 Minute Matters

Evenings can be hectic. Dinner, homework, bathtime – it all falls between entering the house after work and bedtimes kisses. Not to mention it doubles for those of us with more than one kid! There is so much that needs to get done that we lose out on the quality time that we all need. … More 30 Minute Matters