Spring Clean Up

Why should we care if we forget to turn off the lights or leave the water running while we brush our teeth? Why do we need to recycle and pay attention to chemicals we are using? Preparing for Earth Day was an excellent time to think about these questions and, because all parents are short … More Spring Clean Up

Here Comes the Sun

After spending a week observing clouds, we are hoping the clouds part and let the sun shine through. We are ready for springtime and springtime crafts. Painting birdhouses, making sun catchers, cherry blossoms and flower art. We spent a whole day celebrating the things we miss most during Winter. Have a peek at these fun … More Here Comes the Sun

Food Truck Fest

I am raising a little chef. He loves cooking, watching cooking shows, and being my taste tester. So when he saw a food truck, he had to know more. I did not over think this day. I just let the food trucks lead the way. Washington, DC has a ton of food trucks. DC Food … More Food Truck Fest

Hope Floats

Who remembers the movie Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock? This is one of my favorite movies and I’ll get to why in just a moment. As I was preparing to watch this movie on VHS for the millionth time, it got me thinking. Balloons float up. Bubbles float up. Clouds are also floating around up … More Hope Floats

Ebb and Flow

Last night was tough. There was little to no listening happening in my household. Even worse, there was back talk and provoking of siblings. There was yelling, name calling and a general disrespect for everyone and everything. I tried to put them to bed early so that I could unwind. Tonight was pleasant. There was … More Ebb and Flow

Mr. Basketball

From time to time I sneak into my son’s preschool class where his teachers are kind enough to let me lead a craft project with him and his classmates. This time of year, my family is absorbed in all things basketball. NBA, college, high school, any game we can catch whether online on in person, … More Mr. Basketball