Making Cents

I am the spender in my family, but I’m frugal. I make lists and watch spending. We do not carry a credit card balance, we have opened college savings accounts for our kids, and I put my own money into savings each month. So as I helped my kids count the money in their piggy … More Making Cents

The Art of Writing

A few months ago, I served my civic duty by serving on a jury. It was a long week and a very tragic story which, thankfully, had a happy ending. During a cross-examination, a high school student was asked to read their statement taken by police. The high school junior looked down at the statement … More The Art of Writing

Teacher’s First Day

While everyone is preparing their kids to go back-to-school, the teachers are silently planning, decorating, and anticipating their return to the classroom. So many details go into back-to-school for them. Your kids need to learn one name — teachers have 20+ new faces to learn. Not to mention the teachers need to calm down the … More Teacher’s First Day