Racing Through the New Year

I am a full-time working mom.  I work forty hours Monday through Thursday and have Fridays off to spend with my boys. Fridays have been reclassified as Momma days and even though I sometimes nap when they do, any parent can tell you it is tough work. Granted, I am good at acting like a five year old.  I have top notch pretend skills and the ability to over exaggerate any situation with tears and tantrums. (I have not had to demonstrate the latter . . .yet!).  Most importantly, I am patient, silly, and have a plan. On the days I ‘wing it,’ I have planned for the unknown and stocked the freezer with ice cream. 🙂

If you haven’t noticed yet, it is already the middle of January!! Wait, what? Christmas happened? So “Racing into the New Year” became my theme, and from there I just ran with it.  (Ha, get it?)

We started by collecting materials to build race cars.

Then the decorating began.  Rowan gets very serious when crafting. Graham would rather eat the paper and throw the glue sticks, so he requires more direction. He watched and cheered while I got Rowan started.  Then my little bear got sleepy and hibernated for four hours!!

Please note: invest in stickers and glue before starting this project.

Staying with our theme, we had old tires for lunch (BBQ chicken bagel sandwiches), read truck books, and devoured some car snacks.

Honeycrisp apples, grapes, and chunky peanut butter or car, wheels, and mud.

When the cars were finished (and looking awesome) I tested out my best electronic voice and pretended to be Rowan’s GPS pushing him around the house. Rowan and Graham love their cars and I love a good craft that slows everyone down when the world seems to speed up!!

Ready for the open road.
We made Graham a truck. He tries to eat the steering wheel.

Cheers, Kelly


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