A Promise of Naptime

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, stores are providing us the extra nudge to break our resolutions and buy the biggest box of chocolate possible to confess your love to the one your heart desires. Silly, really. I love you so much that I had to buy you . . . chocolate?!?

We celebrate Valentine’s Day because we are peer pressured and weak.  Colin once said he prefers to show his love on his terms when he decides to and I like that. Our relationship comes easy, but two kids makes finding time to continue building on that relationship difficult. The pastor that married us called this stage “making love,” and he was right.  You have to make time for one another, show love and support to each other and each others goals and dreams. I could not imagine my life without Colin. He is my rock yet, he needs me. It is comforting to hear I love you every morning, at the end of every phone call, when I leave the house to go shopping, every night before we go to sleep, multiple times throughout the day, anytime. Three words that aren’t just words – we say them with meaning and even after seven years, we take them seriously.

I know that as long as we have on this earth, I will love this man and be his wife. That our love was meant to be a forever deal. Valentine’s Day is just another day I get to remind him what he means to me.

We wrote our vows and they are very personal to our love and relationship. I promised him romance, adventure, and nap time. As silly as it sounds, I know him well enough to know how special that was to him. I believe his friends knew I was the right girl as I uttered those words. In order not to spoil his gift, I’ll share a v-day craft from a few years ago, but he’ll also get his nap!! This is one of my favorites pinterest finds.

52 Reasons why I Love you Craft



  • Deck of cards
  • Single whole punch
  • White address labels (I used oval)
  • Binder rings
  • Your choice of decorations


  • Begin by punching two wholes on the longer side of all 52 cards.
  • Format the address labels and print the labels with your 52 reasons.
  • Remove labels from sheet and center on each card. (number side up).
  • Attach binder rings and decorate as you wish.


Adding too many decorations will make it difficult for the cards to lay nice, so just a few here and there work perfectly. To make this gift even more special, I used the deck of cards we were using moments before Colin proposed. Limiting my reasons to 52 was the hardest part, but I was able to add some that were serious, playful, and funny – even a few he didn’t realize. It says so much more than a card.



Happy crafting.



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