Show Me the Love

Love and stuff. That’s right, the reason I begin crafting (after the holiday craziness) is for the little holiday about love. Teachers, grandparents, daddy, husband, they are all on my list and these DIYs keep me (and the boys) covered in paint.

What? Did I get some on my face?

I just don’t think there is a better way to share love and kindness on Valentine’s day without making something for someone special from the heart. If my crafting is amateur level or worse, then my apologies to those receiving all the homemade horrors, but (patting self on back) I am a tad obsessed about the final product and the little details tend to ensure my best work.

When it comes to my kids projects, I have learned to sit back and watch the magic happen. My job during a kids project is to follow four simple guidelines.

    1. Explain the project thoroughly 100 or so times and teach them the importance of following directions and patience.
    2. Lead by example. Show them by completing the same project and teach them the importance of creativity.
    3. Don’t let anyone eat anything.
  1. Keep a clean work space and when that fails miserably, just have fun.

Today we are making teacher gifts. Rowan is making an egg carton flower bouquet and Graham is painting hearts and doing his best to eat paint. I started by getting out the materials and explaining the project to Rowan while Graham ate puffs.

For the egg carton flowers you will need an egg carton, paint, paint brushes, newspaper, bright cupcake liners, glue, and green pipe cleaner.


Start the project by laying down newspaper and selecting the paint colors you will be using. Rowan selected green, blue, and purple and pink, red, white, and orange!! I do recommend selecting fewer colors. Once he got started he would forget to use a different brush for each color and then we got a lot of brown and gray. Divide the egg carton into twelve separate ‘blooms’ and paint to your hearts content.


While the egg cartons dry, I drew two hearts on 4×6 canvases and gave Graham red and blue paint to finger paint his project. Since Rowan had to wait for his to dry, this was a great opportunity for Rowan to help is little brother.


After lunch and naptime for both boys, Rowan started on part two. Smashing cupcake liners – his favorite part. Add a dab of glue to the inside of the cupcake liner and glue the single egg carton to the center of the liner. Once the glue dries, push the pipe cleaner through the liner and egg carton and tie a knot inside the egg carton. This will keep the pipe cleaner from coming out. For added cuteness, we decorated some mason jars. We will fill the jars with candy and Rowan will take candy and flowers for his teacher.

You can glue buttons into the center of the egg carton for added cuteness.


Graham’s turned out great as well and he was super excited to show them off.


Cheers, Kelly


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