Wind Advisory

The groundhog saw his shadow and we have been left with bitter cold and snow for the extra days of his winter forecast. Meterologists seem to have a horrible time determining the weather in our area and it made me wonder how all these amazing weather events start. When I shared my curiousity with my four year old, he dug deeper and really wanted to know about the wind. With wind chills at -15 there was no chance of getting me outside, so I planned some fun science and art projects to sneak in those important educational components to our momma day. A side note: these momma day projects now require research for the momma to stay one step ahead and the chance of him knowing more than me has become a reality!

Hold onto something heavy because we devoted a whole momma day to wind.

I love finding a great book to reinforce our momma day activities.  This one is very informative, great for my four year old, and has great pictures to spark an interest.


First up, an art project to teach us about the types of wind. Breeze, gale, hurricane? Wondering how an art project can teach you about types of wind? Pull these supplies together and take a deep breathe.


Paint, straws, white paper, and some tape are all you need. To start, tape the paper to your table and select your straw of choice. Dip your straw in the paint, aim at paper, and lightly blow to imitate a breeze.


Next, select a second color and take a bigger breathe. Gale winds are a little stronger and require more gusto.


Lastly, we pretended to be hurricanes and blew the splattered paint around the paper like a whirlwind. It was a fun, messy lesson with beautiful outcomes.


Next up, a science project. We know types of wind but how can you tell which direction it is blowing in? A homemade wind sock was our solution.


You will need paper, string, streamer, tape and a stick. Begin by cutting the paper to the size you desire and tape the ends to create a tube.


Next, tape the streamers to the inside of the tube. Punch three holes at the top (I punctured with a pencil) and tie the string to each of those holes. Finally, tie the three strings together around the stick.


I braved the frigid cold to teach this wind lesson and as quick as possible tied the stick to our deck.

Blowing from the north . . . brrr

Then we sat back and watched the cold wind blow . . . But, don’t worry I knew exactly how to warm up after my quick trip outside.

This makes everything better!

Our momma wind day was tons of fun and a little messy. Again, no worries, we called in the professionals to clean thing up.

He charges way too much and does a poor job – but his smile will make your day!



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