The Wild Side of Springtime

My four year old recently informed me that he does not like to paint because then he has to wash his hands. Boys! What he meant was he no longer liked to finger paint, but he grouped all painting together. Sounded like I needed to get creative to show him that not all painting is the same and that sometimes a little clean up is okay if you are having a great time. Add in a Spring theme and you have a momma day that gets a little out of control.

The loss of control started when I walked into my kitchen and cooked up a dozen eggs for my two sons. Yep, 12. I do not like eggs that much and I had not lost my mind, but I did find a Pinterest project that required lots of egg shells. Before scrambling our eggs, we were careful to tap the shells and remove just the tip of the egg. Then we washed out the shells and let them dry while we enjoyed our breakfast of champions.

Growing a Jeweled Rose took this project outside, but our weather was not cooperating so we turned our kitchen into an art studio and never looked back. We used the following materials: hammer, tacks, tarp, large white craft paper, 12 egg shells, paint, and tape. You can also find our inspiration on Growing a Jeweled Rose here.

If you choose to stay inside, select a wall that is frame free and hang your tarp. Then tape the white paper to the middle of the tarp. Once your canvas is ready, fill each shell with one Tbsp of paint.

Loaded and ready

Take aim and . . . PAINT!! Throw the eggs at the paper and watch them crack open splattering the paint in every direction leaving a beautiful masterpiece behind on the paper and, well, everywhere. A project like these promised I would be mopping during naptime.

Our 12 egg masterpiece
The tarp caught some of the mess

This is not your typical art project, but the look on his face when I threw the first egg was priceless. I saw him quickly decide if I had lost it before his smile appeared and he picked up his first egg. Guess who likes to paint again?!

By the time we completed our project our stomachs were ready for lunch. Annie’s bunny pasta to the rescue! It followed our Spring theme and got lunch on the (paint free) table quickly.  We added peas to the pasta just before draining for some veggie goodness.


Rewind to before our 12 egg breakfast when we gathered up our materials to prepare our afternoon snack. It needed time to freeze so prepping this first was important or our frozen snack would have been a melted mess. This snack is another eggcellent way to celebrate Spring.

Eggsicle Pops
Ingredients ~

  • Vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Fruit of choice (we used blueberries)

You will also need ~

  • Scissors
  • Plastic eggs
  • Masking tape
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Food processor
  • Spatula
  • Empty egg carton (from breakfast)
Plastic eggs – check

1) Enlarge or make holes on the bottom of each egg.  The hole should be large enough for the cake pop stick to fit through.
2) Blend one cup Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup of blueberries using the food processor.
3) Cut six short pieces of tape and cover the holes in the top and bottom of each plastic egg. Eggs halves should be separated.
4) Spoon the yogurt mixture into all six egg halves. Place the egg halves in the egg carton and into the freezer for 30 minutes
5) After 30 minutes, turn the top half of the egg onto the bottom so the plastic egg is closed. (If the mixture has not set enough, wait another 10 or 20 minutes and try again). Then remove the tape from the bottom egg and insert the cake pop stick. Return eggs to the freezer. For another hour to firmly set.

These went so fast, I didn’t get a picture of the Eggsicle, just the aftermath.

Oh Mom, I’m trying to eat

Kailo Chic did take pictures and has a different popsicle recipe you can check out here.

We didnt stop there. I had seen this project on pinterest and realized it would be great for an Easter/Spring activity, but swapped out the yarn for colorful paper that is easier for little hands to work with. So with a little creativity we followed the instructions from Katie’s Crochet Goodies with a few clever adaptations up our sleeves.

For our version, you will need:

  • White 8 x 11 paper
  • Colorful, Spring Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Pencil

and a cute assistant!!!

Cutie in the background is one of my favorite artists.

I had my assistant cut thin strips from the colorful paper while I stenciled the egg and bunny designs onto the white paper and then cut them out. Then we both organized the strips of paper and taped all the edges to a full white sheet of paper.

Taking it seriously

Once you fill up your white sheet, place the stenciled sheet over the top and glue them together. Go one step further and make a cute Easter card or use flower stencils and make May day cards. The project is easy and allows kids to practice their cutting skills. My assistant, who is always thinking, decided his bunny needed a fluffy bunny tail. One dab of glue and a cotton ball made it extra special.

Bunny art at its finest

We had a great day and due to baby naps at just the right time, got all of our projects in, played outside, and read a few of our favorite Mercer Mayer books. Fingers crossed you have the same success.  Happy Spring!!



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