Trying to Get Out of Doing it All

Time is a distant acquaintance of mine. With my first son, I planned to do everything like a superwomen – with the second I drew the line at cloth diapers and homemade baby food. My first son was 9 pounds 4 ounces and didn’t fit into the small cloth diaper sizes I had so neatly arranged and washed up for him. With so many other things going on, this new momma gave herself a break and bought some Pampers.  Then when he started solids, I tried to make the food – pureed this and that into amazing, nutrious, meals following healthy, organic baby cookbooks only to stress myself out and waste a lot of time.

I’m different with baby two. His closet was stocked with Pampers in my six month of pregnancy. Baby cookbooks were removed from my shelves and I didn’t care what others were doing. I began enjoying finding baby food combinations on the shelf and even though the food is expensive, this was a simple solution to what had been so stressful the first time around. Until I tasted the food! I had been had by the labels. They all sounded so good, but the evil truth came out with that first bite. They were flavorless, pasty, and, well, GROSS!!

So I grabbed my mini food processor, healthy, colorful, fruits and veggies and within one hour had these flavor combinations ready to eat and freeze. You will need to add formula or milk until you reach your desired texture. For some I choose chicken stock and that is noted. I did not measure, but if you are looking for exact recipes, let me know and I will send you what I have.

  • Potato, purple carrot, and baked apple (with chicken stock)
  • Butternut squash, purple kale, apple, and onion
  • Avocado, banana, kiwi and vanilla bean
  • Peach, banana, and cinnamon pears
  • Chickpea, apricot, and strawberry
  • Baked apple with cinnamon and vanilla
  • Beets and sweet peas
  • Butternut squash, tomato, pasta, and cheese
  • Potato, leek, carrot, and broccoli (with chicken stock)
  • Baked apple with cinnamon and blueberry


A friend over at Northutopia blogged about one of her daughters favorite finger foods and we tried and loved it.  Check out her recipe for Cinnamon baked pear bites.

Deciding to make baby food is another step towards doing it all, but lets face it, its far, far from it. I take inspiration from so many of the mothers in my life and always wonder if I could/should be doing more. The bottom line, and for me the most important, is that I am perfect for my boys – my imperfections included. I don’t do everything perfectly and don’t care to. These foods taste better, have more flavor, and keep my youngest eating and growing strong.

Rubber band wrists and elbow dimples – LOVE!

I love enjoying meals as a family and now we can do just that.  There are still back up jars in my pantry, but the homemade choices are waiting in my refridgerator. Another day making it up as they grow . . . success? I’ll count it!



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