Batter Up

You can count flowers, plant your gardens, watch for robins, or, like us, listen for the first pitch from your favorite stadium. There is a sadness that overcomes us every fall when our team plays their last game and we wait patiently for spring training and America’s favorite pastime to come back to life.

We have cheered on the same team, through wins and losses, for five years. Our oldest son, who is now four, cheers for Teddy whether we are at the game or listening to the radio. The Washington Nationals have had their ups and downs, but this isn’t a band wagon to jump off and on – we are here through thick or thin, outstanding fielding, homeruns, or horrible plays and errors.  Go Nats!

When getting ready for our first game of the season, we go all in.  Live, breathe, baseball! Well, more like eat, craft, baseball – but you get what I mean.

Sometimes the most simple of snacks are the best.  Just fancy them up a bit and you’re sure to impress.  That is just what we did with everyone’s favorite snack – Rice Krispy Treats.

Make them your way or follow the recipe on the box. (Add a little vanilla bean or brown your butter and then sprinkle with sea salt for a few variations that will really get the neighbors talking.) Instead of placing them in a cake pan to cool, spread them thin on a cookie sheet.


Next, take a cup and cut out circles, placing the circles on a new cookie sheet.


Melt 1/4 cup white chocolate in microwave safe bowl, stirring frequently to avoid burning the chips. Add 1 tsp peanut butter to the melted chips and stir until silky smooth. Then use a knife to spread the white chocolate mixture onto the round treats.


Last step is to add a few drops of red food coloring into the remaining chocolate mixture. Then scoop the red chocolate into a Zip Lock bag. Cut the tip off one corner to make a pastry bag and pipe the baseball stitches onto each round treat. Your final baseballs will look almost too cute to eat – but that won’t last long.


When the heat of summer catches up to you and you need something to cool down, check out this O’Brien play. Filling up the water balloons brought back a lot of my own childhood memories. As an adult, it feels a little childish to giggle when they pop while you are filling them – but that is exactly what I did. My bathroom was a slip-n-slide, I was laughing out loud, and wishing my cousins Kim and Paula were here for a rematch.

I filled as many as I could tie. Then head outside.


You could throw them at one another or . . . Like us, cool down with a little warm up. Batting practice!


Baseball is back and so is the summer heat and we are ready for both.



3 thoughts on “Batter Up

  1. Rowan laughed the hardest he’s ever laughed getting to hit those water balloons with his bat. We’re going to have to do that again – thanks Kel!


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