Under the Sea

The summer days are flying by. They are going swimmingly if I may say so. This week’s themes all had something to do with water. Five days of fun and excitment tested by the O’Brien crew and approved for your next adventure.

Feed the Shark. Find details for this project at Toddler Approved. Make a shark head out of cardboard and tape it to the floor like the shark is jumping out of the water. Cut an opening for the mouth and don’t forget to add all those sharp, pointy, teeth. I took it a step beyond an arts and crafts project and had my one year old feed the shark brightly colored fish to help him learn his colors. My four year old took aim with our bean bags for a little throwing practice. Fun for all.

Pool Noodle Sensory Bin. Sensory bins are great for toddlers, but a brother making you a sensory bin is awesome. Cut up a pool noodles and make sailboats by adding straws and a cardboard sail. Follow the instructions found on Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails to build your bin, sit back and relax or whatever floats your boat.

Pool Ball Painting.  Talk about a multipurpose item. Tape some paper to the inside of your baby pool, add some paint, and a tennis ball or two and you have an art studio. The Artful Parent provides a fun new method of painting that my kids enjoyed and were able to do together. This is one for the refrigerator door. (Think seasonally – we used red, white, and blue paint to create decorations for the 4th of July)

Glow in the Dark Bath time. It is simple. Buy a package of glow sticks, throw them in the tub and turn off the lights. Best. Bath. Ever!

How Do You Compare? This project was mind blowing and all you need is sidewalk chalk. Have your child lay down on the sidewalk and measure them leaving a thick chalk mark by their feet and head. Connect the lines with a perpendicular line so you have a capital ‘I’ on your side walk. Then make another line beside where their feet were, measure one hundred feet, and place your second line. Connect these two parallel lines with a perpendicular line to make a second ‘I’. You just compared your child to a blue whale! This is a Making it Up As They Grow original (at least, I haven’t seen this project before). Our adult neighbors even had to look twice. It might be worth noting that the largest great white shark ever recorded was 50 feet long . . .

Notice how the blue line on the right just keeps going and going . . .

There always seem to be more pins on my Pinterest boards then I have time to complete. A project a day is really helping me to catch up on all the fun projects I find. These under the sea projects required little prep and have been huge successes with my kids. I’ll be back next week with more projects to keep your summer packed full of learning, adventure, and discovery.




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