Life on the Highway

I have a strong dislike for living out of a suitcase. I am the person hotels have dresser drawers for. I may be the only person that uses them. I prefer everything have its place and that is difficult to achieve when everything is rolled to fit inside a suitcase.

On vacation, I start to get a little restless when the dirty clothes pile up and clean clothes are still folded in the suitcase. I love vacation, but to me, this is a sign I am getting a little homesick. I could live anywhere if it was necessary, as long as my three boys are with me I am home, but I find a true comfort in the home my husband and I have made. I know my oldest son is homesick when he begins to imagine Busytown.

Busytown and Bumptonville are Rowan’s Matchbox car towns. They have been made very carefully with much attention to detail. Bumptonville has taken over a year to make and we still add to it. Rowan lives for his cars. He does get bored of them and takes a break for other things, but he always returns to his beloved towns with new ideas for imaginary play. Vacations must include a few cars. This time we limited to 12 and I brought a few new ones for the trip to round it out to 15. Usually I pack blue painters tape to make roads, but I splurged for this trip and bought the road tape. (This is a genius product that I wish I had copyrighted sooner)

On the airplane and in the hotel he played.



The day before we were scheduled to return home he mentioned how much his cars must miss him and shared some new ideas for a new car town we should remember and make when we get home. The more he shared his ideas, the more excitment you could sense building up inside him.

I think it is great to expand a childs interests, but then there are cars. I was always told you should never make your hobby your job. I agree, but making it a career is a wonderful idea. If you love it, make it happen. There are many lessons he has taken away from simply driving cars on the table – some that still astonish me. So, he can have his cars whether we are driving down the highway on vacation or safely tucked in with us at bedtime. This kid loves cars and I love this kid!


We made it home safely and I have unpacked my suitcase. Rowan went straight for his Matchbox cars and Busytown came to life once again. My breakfast table is full of small cars with big personalities and my kitchen never seemed so happy.




One thought on “Life on the Highway

  1. Rowan certainly does love his cars and has for years! I think the pictures you included portray perfectly the joy they bring him.


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