Bucket List Blues

September 23rd is the last official day of summer. It is also the last day to kick the bucket list. The summer bucket list that is. I feared we may not complete the long list of activities we challenged ourselves with, but with only a few items left it appears we will be champions of summer.


I love this project. All the activities promise a full summer of family fun and my boys (all 3) had a blast with each adventure. So next year, when you are compiling your awesome lists, keep a few of our favorites in mind.

Most Beautiful:

Hiking in Yosemite. This one took some planning, but the great outdoors called us.
The line took over an hour, but the view from the top was worth it.

Most Yummy:

The must have Big Gulp! We couldn’t help but giggle while sipping from this monster cup.
Pick one, eat two!

By far the most difficult item on the list was teaching Graham not to play in the toilet water. We taught him how to say ‘yucky,’ but then he would run into the bathroom and say it while splashing around. He must have learned this from his dad. Ha! Although the spirit still moves him, he has greatly reduced his toilet play time and we were satisfied enough to cross this off our list.

In addition to Graham learning about how yucky toilet water is, we also learned the parts of a clock, how to tie our shoes, the sounds the letters of the alphabet make, how to ride bike without training wheels, that our family is super fun, and that summer is too short.

Go Rowan!!
Until next summer . . .

I think we took full advantage of our summer days, so I am not sad that summer is coming to an end. Instead, I am looking forward and already planning for fall. I LOVE fall! The colors, smells, and sounds are comforting. Hayrides, bonfires, cocoa and cider. Sign me up and sign yourself up to follow along. Fall crafting is my favorite and we will be making it up and sharing it with you all season long.



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