I am an Invisibility Cloak

My husband and I have a special handshake. It makes me feel safe and loved and no one else even knows we are talking. It can make a stressful situation melt away and refocus my attention to more meaningful things – the important things life offers us. That safety and comfort is something I provide my children. It is like I have draped an invisibility cloak or a force shield over them and no one or thing can cause them harm. Somehow the world will still find a way in. The world and the people in it present challenges, test their belief that everything in the world is happy and wonderful and teaches them tough, necessary, lessons. Just like I was unprepared for education questions in Kindergarten, I am unprepared for him to realize the world is complicated. It shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be anything be happiness and yet, he continues to grow up and the sparkle in the world will continue to fade. So I step in and I bring sparkle back. I tell stories of sharks facing lobsters in an underwater world series, I pull him into a rain storm and dance wildly, I sing made up songs in made up voices, and skip through the grocery store never missing a chance to take a dance break to a great tune. I show him that life can get you down if you let it, but we don’t have to let it. We will make mistakes. We will learn from them. We will run into mean people. We will run into wonderful people. It will be an easy decision on who to let into our sparkle filled worlds and who to keep out. I wish the world was a kinder, gentler place. I wish everyone could love their neighbors without judgment. I wish it was a safer world. I will teach him a kinder, gentler world. I will show him how to love his neighbors. I will teach him how his sparkle is a light to lead us forward. One life can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how grand that difference is. When the world gets them down, I will be there with the invisibility cloak to wrap them up, listen to their heart’s song, and provide the rest they need to get back up and continue forward. I am a mother. I am the world reset button and I know nothing more powerful than a mothers love.


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