Before you Gobble

The time has come when trick-or-treaters are arguing with their parents over how much candy they can eat and the retailers have discounted the candy to make room for Christmas merchandise. Yep, that must mean Thanksgiving is upon us. Some years it feels like it is skipped over entirely; when it should be the time to stop and reflect on our lives and give thanks for our blessings. To practice the golden rule and share your good fortunes. For my family, it is a time to count our blessings and prepare our lives and hearts for the miracles Christmas brings.

Every day in November, we each name something we are thankful for. We talked about our project over breaksfast on the first day of November, so it is no surprise our first leaf of 2015 was for cereal. We wrote it on a felt leaf and will day-by-day cover a tree.  You could use burlap, paper, key tags – any materials will work. Make the tree from construction paper and tape to your wall or bring in twigs and hang the leaves like ornaments. Sharing our gratitude doesn’t have to come in tree form at all – use clothes pins and string to create a banner. Have kids draw pictures of what they are thankful for or make a family booklet full of thanks. I have pinned multiple options on my Fall Harvest Craft board on Pinterest for you to check out. I think taking time to show kids you are thankful for things that can easily be overlooked during your everyday routine and the hustle and bustle of the season is a very important lesson.


By Thanksgiving our tree will be full of leaves and we will take a moment to read them before our Thanksgiving meal. Counting our many blessings.

When the leaves begin to fall outside, we begin replanting inside. Looking back over the years we have shared in this tradition, there have been very few material items added to our tree. We are thankful for each other, good music, shelter, neighbors, hugs, progress.


No matter how you count your blessings, kids will take a lesson from this project. It is a perfect reminder that we are blessed beyond measure.



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