A Race to the Finish Line

I like to think my boys are pretty lucky when it comes to their birthday parties. I love planning the activities and games. I follow a theme and with the help of Pinterest come up with awesome ideas everyone will love. My oldest just turned five and wanted a Hot Wheels birthday theme that I was excited to bring to life. I spent hours planning a fun filled celebration for Rowan, trying to save on costs where possible.

For years, we have hosted his birthday party in our home and this year we saved ourselves the additional stress of cleaning the house and opted for a party at the park. Of course, it rained all morning, but by party time it was warming up and drying out and heck . . . five year old kids love mud.

A month out, I made my game plan. I planned a truck party for his second birthday, so I pulled out some materials I had leftover from then. A couple of bright orange cones and a momma day snack got me started.

Race Car Treats: Apples, grapes and toothpicks. With the right assembly, these treats can really race!

I went with a black table cloth and red, yellow, and green stop light plates.


Decorations were race flags, as were the napkins, and the birthday banner was handmade from his first birthday. A little paper, a lot of glue, and voila, you have a banner that will last for years.


When I was little we always played party games with our friends. Staying with the car theme I picked up two old tires from the dump and spray painted them bright orange and neon green. Then I gathered some wooden spoons and borrowed a few Matchbox cars for a spoon race.

Rowan picked out an awesome piñata that we filled with leftover Halloween candy. When it finally broke open we had paper car containers ready for the kids to fill up.  Picked them up free at Silver Diner and added some birthday flare.


Some stickers, markers, and a little creativity was all that was required for this little project.


Of course, birthdays aren’t birthdays without cake and our cake was three layers of five year old fun.  Cars racing around a race track shaped just for our five year old.

Five checkered candles were lit, we sang, and we ate cake!!

By the time I was done with the cake, the kid was so tired he could barely smile. Immediately following this picture, I carried him to bed!

I have come to the conclusion that I can’t slow him down. He will continue to speed through his childhood and I will do everything I can to add in some fun, some learning, and lots of love.  Happy number 5 buddy. You are on your way to amazing things and I’m looking forward to the journey.



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