Animal Antics

Saddle up and hit the trails. We have proof that cold weather should not slow you down. It was below freezing in South Dakota and we just bundled up for an amazing time on the farm. We had so much fun riding miniture horses and playing with the kittens our experience influenced momma day planning.


Even the little guy had a great time!


If you have been following, you know that momma days include projects, snacks, and activities based around a common theme. We balance the fun with some stories (on theme) and a nap for the little one, but always stay busy.

After our farm trip, my sons were interested in animals. Usually a shark, whale, or unusual cryptid stirs Rowan’s attention while Graham prefers giraffes, cows, or bears. DC has been really cold lately and I thought it would be nice to do something for our feathery friends.

When temperatures drop unexpectedly or are lower than average, I imagine the birds chirping and tweeting to one another about why they didn’t take the trip South. Sometimes I think the same thought about myself and my family! No matter how cold it gets, there are always a ton of birds in our neighborhood and everyone needs a good meal – so we set out with a plan to feed the bird feeders.

For the first feeder you need:


Bird Seed of your choice
Creamy peanut butter
2 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll cut in half
Cookie Sheet
Dull Knife

Begin by covering your bird feeder with peanut butter. It is a sticky, but tasty task.

The tongue comes out when he concentrates


Cover all the way to the edges

Next, pour your bird feed onto the cookie sheet and tap to even the seeds.  Then place your PB roll onto one end of the cookie sheet and press down while rolling into the seeds.


Lastly, place the roll on its end and drop the yarn through. Tie the ends and you have a tasty bird treat to hang in a tree in the yard. My youngest was napping during this project – it may be a bit messy for a one year old, so we had another option ready for when he woke up.


For the second feeder you need:

Pipe Cleaners


This is a great hand-eye coordination project for both kids. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner so the Cheerios will not slip off and let the kids fill them up. Once the pipe cleaner is full, twist the ends together and shape it. Graham must have thought he was a bird for this craft. For every Cheerio that made it onto his pipe cleaner, two (or more) found their way to his mouth. As with many of our projects, Rowan helped Graham and practiced his communication skills. He is a great big brother and has really learned to be patient – specially while Graham ate half of his materials.


In addition to Graham sneaking Cheerios, our momma day snack was for the birds. Some nuts, seeds, and a few berries. We also read a great little story about Rocket and the amazing ABCs called, “How Rocket Learned to Read,” by Tad Hill.

The day wasn’t all about birds. Just before bed Rowan retrieved his favorite book, the MacMillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia my co-worker has so graciously loaned to him. We ended our day reading about our favorite animals – sharts, whales, bats . . . and didn’t leave out giraffes, bears, and cows. MOOO!!



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