365 Days a Year

Chocolates came in large quantities and expanded the waistline. Flowers, roses specifically, saw a price hike due to supply and demand. Cards flew off the shelves and were given to proclaim all the love we have for everyone, because it was Valentine’s Day and this was expected. I even saw Valentine’s Day cards for pets in my local Target store. What do pets do with a Valentine’s Day card?  (Maybe a question for our expert!) What I mean to say is that one day of chocolates, flowers, and cards just isn’t enough.

When you have snagged that special someone – married or committed, one day just doesn’t cut it. I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships, but I do know it takes work. Relationships need to be nurtured and when kids begin taking up some of that precious time, it gets even more tricky.

I married the perfect man. He gets me and still loves me! My perfect guy took me out for dinner for Valentine’s Day and followed it up with a piano bar that really got our toes tapping. Over dinner we reminisced about how we met and were reminded how our lives perfectly aligned for us those first days and weeks – it became quite clear that we were meant to be.

Even the perfect man can get your blood boiling from time to time. I wouldn’t call them fights as much as bickering and picking on each other. I should call these the pile ups. They happen when the dishes pile up, the clothes pile up, the toys pile up – do you see the pattern? My OCD self needs organization and typically things are kept tidy . . . but then someone gets sick, a schedule changes, kids misbehave – life piles up.

An old roommate of my husband’s, we refer to as the romantic, recently found his perfect someone and got married. Mr. Romantic is always perfecting the next romantic gesture for his new bride and this one just had to be shared. For all I know it is an original and he gave his blessing for me to share. Pinterest be warned!

I call it 365 days of love. It is a simple project that doesn’t require any materials. Just a computer or cellphone. Every day email or text one reason why you love your significant other to them. I started this on January 1, 2016, but you could start on a birthday or just because.


I started big – why I fell in love with him – the qualities I love most about him, but quickly realized that I loved the mornings he let me sleep in or when he made me coffee and used my favorite cup. The project not only reminded me of why I love him, but it made me realize just how much he loves me.


We are 47 days into this little project and the reasons keep coming. Maybe day 250 will be more challenging, but relationships are challenging and the little reminders are a great way to put life’s pile ups in perspective. For the hopeless romantic in us all – one day just isn’t enough.



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