Speedy Sharks

I played softball and made some of my favorite childhood memories on and off the field with my teammates. So I was thrilled when my son wanted to sign up for t-ball. Three practices in and he had his first game.

The first practice was more about rounding up a bunch of energetic boys and teaching them fundamentals. You may think this is catching, throwing, hitting – but really it was where first base is, what the positions are, why second base isn’t actually on second base. It was comical. My son’s coach did awesome and in three practices you could actually see improvement, teamwork, and joyful smiles on the field.


They decided on the name speedy sharks and during their first game they made us all proud. Every single player runs to the ball when it is hit. They dive and pig pile in an effort to get the ball – because it isn’t about winning, it is about throwing that ball to first base. The opposing team even had a player dressed like a dinosaur. The memory is priceless.

Rowan as pitcher

They gave high-fives, they cheered each other on, they hit and threw the ball with every ounce of energy they had and they had a great time.

Swing batter, batter

For another inning, he was center field. He wasn’t sure where it was, but I caught this moment between him and his coach. You want to be that person your child can turn to for advice and it is hard to think that may not always be the case, however, it is moments like this when mentors are created. Small moments when their world expands a little bit and their community does too. Small moments that I am so lucky to be participating in and documenting as he develops into a respectable human. Is that a bit too deep for t-ball? Come on self, there is no crying in baseball!!


In more cheery news, the cheering section was in full swing. Rowan had a special little cheering crew that yelled their support and offered high-fives to him when he and his team came in from the outfield. Little brother was proud of his big bro.


There was no score, just fun and fundamentals . . . and one crazy dinosaur. I didn’t witness any crazy parents yelling at their kids or spoiling the experience with expectations that were a little outside the t-ball level. I just saw my son making friends and learning a little about a sport that I am very excited he selected. He also mentioned basketball lessons this summer but worried he may not get as much play time. He shared that only five people can play at one time and he might have to sit in the dugout too much. Sorry Uncle Josh, I’ll work on that one.



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