Digging In

The countdown began months in advance. How two snuck up  on us, I’ll never understand. I mean, just yesterday, he was a baby depending on us for everything. I remember bringing him home from the hospital and hoping my maternity leave wouldn’t go by so quickly. I think time passes faster when you have children because they change so much that, I swear, it happens right in front of you. It happens whether you want it to or not. It happens and that baby that fit perfectly in your arms barely fits on your lap and the little one that depended on you for everything, slowly starts to let go. The countdown begin months in advance, not for him, but for me. I needed the time to come to grips with my baby turning two.

Cake! That is all he wanted. He didn’t care about Elmo decorations or presents, he just wanted there to be cake. Vanilla cake! This was important, because like his brother, he only eats vanilla cake.

He new favorite thing is diggers — excavators, mobile cranes, cement mixers, steam rollers, back-hoe diggers, tower cranes, and the list goes on and on. So my theme for Graham’s second birthday was easy to pull together. What wasn’t easy was finding construction birthday decorations. If anyone out there is looking to make some money, there is a market for all things construction.


Graham wanted a special cake and I wanted something easy. The last couple birthday cakes I have made took hours of planning and decorating. I wanted something simple that didn’t look simple. I wanted to order it, but no one else could make it as special as my Graham deserves. Plus, homemade cake is worth the extra effort. Construction themed, this vanilla cake with coconut brownie crumbles was yummy and adorable. Graham couldn’t wait to show his guests his birthday cake and I was delighted he was so excited about it.


Aside from the cake we served up wrecking balls (meatballs) and chips being delivered by a dump truck.



We had an extensive book corner with just about every construction book available. Graham loves books — more than your average child and I would catch him flipping through a book even after friends started showing up for the party. I also saw him delivering books to his friends during the party and he just didn’t understand why they weren’t as interested in them as he was.


Outside we filled a small kiddy pool with large Legos and let the kids dig them up. Thanks to Nana Cindy, Graham had a new ride on digger he was able to share with his friends and it sure was a hit. If you are brave enough, you could fill the pool with sand – I am happy with my choice to stick with Legos.


Half way through the party my little engineer needed a break.


Foam bricks used in floral arrangements were matched up with golf tees and play hammers for the kiddos to construct something awesome. Both the big and little kids loved this project.


All guests got to keep their hard hats plus a departing gift that included a construction orange lollipop and a whistle.


Graham was a perfect little host. I was afraid he may sleep through his party as he was still sound asleep when festivities were scheduled to begin.


I think everyone enjoyed themselves — I know the birthday boy did. As the last guests headed out, Graham stacked up the construction cones and took a few turns down his new slide. Before opening his gifts he gave his brother a big hug and thanked him for coming and just like that, I was reminded that no matter how big either one of them grow, they will always be my babies.




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