Filling Your Bucket

With all the rain Spring came and went very quickly this year. Twenty-seven days of rain in May. Although the sun came with humidity, I am very happy it finally came . . . just in time for summer. And with summer comes the annual O’Brien Summer Bucket List.

Now each summer this list takes on a life of its own.  Each summer there are a few items I worry we won’t get to.  There are no guidelines, just what you want to do and see together. We make a list, we make a poster, and we start checking things off. Last year we had a long, challenging list and, I admit, I was nervous for this year’s brainstorming session. Quite shocking to me, I did not need to be nervous because it was like pulling teeth to get some participation! Come on family, get it together.

I provided a few ideas to get folks started and a few extra days and the list finally, slowly, started to come together. The slow start to spring also slowed down our summer planning, but we ended with a great list that has a little something for everyone and we can’t wait to get started.


Posters are just one option. Have your kids illustrate their wish list and you instintly have a memory book. As you complete the items on the list, write down when, where, and a short description to help them remember. You can also take a picture of each completed task and make a coffee table book.

As your kids get older, the fun can continue. Take a hobby or interest and turn it into a passport — visit multiple ballparks or sports museums and add a ‘stamp’ to their passport with each visit. This can also be done with restaurants, amusement parks, anything! With all lists, it starts by letting your mind go wild.

What is on your summer bucket list? Do you wait for school to get out, the first official day of summer or just jump in with the first warm day? We wait for the first day of summer. It is our official first day to get started on an epic summer break full of adventure, fun, and family memories.



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