Summer School: Week 2

Well, I jumped into this project hoping to create some fun and excitement for my kiddos and the fun continues into week two of my non-school summer school. Keep those folders from last week, because we will be filling them with all kinds of goodies for the My Body theme of week two.

My five year old has been very interested in the circulatory system. Parents know that some interests fade quickly and others continue and come up over and over again. The circulatory system is a revolving door in my house, so I tackled it in summer school.

Week 2: My Body

This week, we started out with a little reading. I love the Magic School Bus series and was recently introduced to Usborne Books. See Inside Your Body and Your Body are really great starter books for my five year old to dive into this topic. My two year old likes all books as long as he can sit on your lap while you read. Win win.



This project was filled with fun, hands-on projects appropriate for toddlers and big kids. For the first project you will need a few materials.

  • Rolled white paper
  • Pencil
  • Kid
  • Masking tape

Roll out your paper, lay your kid down and convince them to lay still, and trace them with the pencil. My two year old laid down and exclaimed “I’m just so excited.” Lead me to believe I was off to a great start!


Once you have traced your child, tape the paper to the wall so the traced feet touch the floor. This project is a Making it Up As They Grow original and has two age appropriate options to choose from. I created instructions for a toddler you can download here and instructions for a big kid here.


For my two year old, I used the available Microsoft Word clipart and printed clothing: shirt, shorts, socks, gloves, scarf, sun glasses, and hat. I cut them out, added a little bit of tape to the back of each picture and asked Graham to dress his outline.


For my five year old, I purchased Human Body Systems by Mrs. Bell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Mrs. Bell can be found at The whole packet was $2.99 and I know I will use it again and again.  You can use clipart for this section if you prefer not to purchase – it will work just as well. The kit includes pictures of our organs and posers that share an easy explanation of each of our systems. I cut out the organs , added a little bit of tape to the back of each picture and asked Rowan to add them to his outline. I provided him an outline to follow and we worked together to discuss placement and function.


We talked about the skeletal, circulatory, muscular, nervous, respiratory, urinary, and digestive systems while he placed his organs in their proper locations. My purchase from included easy descriptions understandable by my two year old – which is why I purchased versus making this one.

Folders included a scavenger hunt game for my two year old to help identify his body parts. Who knew heel could be so exciting? Summer school folder #2 also had a color by number heart I found on the EagerEd website that they both colored during some down time.

We had a lot of fun learning the inside and outside of our bodies. Since my youngest loves to read, I included a little poem by Jessica McDonald titled All of Me.

My hands are for clapping

My arms can hug tight

My fingers can snap

Or can turn out the light

My legs are for jumping

My eyes help me see

This is my body,

And I love all of me!

It was another great week with fun and learning combined. My oldest loved learning about the nervous system and the little guy, he enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Summer school, week two is dismissed.  Enjoy!!



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