Summer School: Week 3 – Clouds

These little projects may keep my husband grounded (read: sane) during the daytime hours Monday through Friday, but this week, I wanted all my boys to keep their heads in the clouds.

Week 3: Clouds

Usually lessons on clouds are in a larger weather unit – or so my research lead me to believe, but there is so much to learn about these fluffy, white particles I decided they would have all the attention in week 3 of my non-school summer school.

Get your folders ready, we are filling them with all kinds of cloud crafts and activities that will spark your interest in meteorology. I am still not sure who learned more this week, my husband or my kids. When I got home in the evenings, my kids were rushing to tell me what they discovered and telling me all about their cloud discoveries. What they didn’t know was their daddy was secretly texting me to check his answers! Even without being there, I loved this project and all the conversations it created.

Project 1: Types of Clouds

There are many types of clouds, but four main clouds we focused on. Making learning fun at my non-school summer school is priority #1 and I think we nailed this one with this awesome pinterest project. Found the project on a teaching blog called The Inspired Apple.


You can make you own cloud people using the following materials:

  • Colored paper
  • glue stick
  • markers


  1. Cut out cloud shapes and legs
  2. Decorate
  3. Add identification label
  4. Glue description to the back of your cloud person

You can track down the cloud descriptions through a simple Google search.

Project 2: Identifying and Graphing Clouds

E is for Explorer has a free download of this awesome cloud identifier. Start by printing it, cutting it, and finally gluing it to a piece of card board. Glue on a pop-sickle stick for your handle.


Early Monday morning they hit the trails, riding their bikes to the park where Rowan climbed to the highest point to use his cloud identifier. Each day they would identify a type of cloud and then log it on the super simple chart I made with one colored sheet of paper and a sharpie marker.


One easy download, a little cutting, and I created a group of meteorologists. My husband was pretty excited to call and tell me that he thought they found a Cumulus cloud.


Project 3: Cloud Craft 1

We stayed indoors for the arts and crafts projects. Making cloud people was a lot of fun and they boys each had a great time decorating their cloud person. Rowan’s cloud person provided lines for him to write about his cloud and Graham’s cloud was intentionally left blank for him to draw a beautiful picture.

I used two sandwich Ziplock bags and filled them with the cloud pieces. The boys emptied the bags and assembled their cloud people. I included instructions, a blue back, a white drawing surface, 2 legs, 2 arms, and 2 feet. Hand written directions asked them to fold the arms and legs like accordions and glue to the body, however, I have included directions you can print for your cloud people packs.



Graham was very proud of his artsy cloud. We hung it up for all to admire until we imagined a thunderstorm raining down on us. We took cover under the table waiting for things to dry off before moving on to our final project.

Project 4: Cloud Craft 2


Glue stick
cotton balls

Set out the paper for your toddler and have him cover it with glue. Then, pulling the cotton balls slightly apart, have them glue the cotton balls on to make beautiful clouds. Circles, triangles, and elephant shaped clouds are all approved. There are no limits to your imagination . . . however, you are limited by the number of cotton balls you have!


We also colored pictures and sang songs. There are just so many wonderful things to do and learn when you focus on clouds. I learned a lot or maybe I just reminded myself about things I learned and forgot overtime. Either way, we all had fun.

I love getting to see these little people create and explore through art and science. I think being a mom – even when no-school summer school is scheduled during my work week. For all those working parents out there, these are simple projects you can do after work or on the weekend. They take minimal materials and time – mostly just an imagination and cute kids!


It has been hot, hot, hot where we are. I hope your weather is a beautiful 75 degrees with a cool breeze with a sky polka dotted with wispy white clouds. I hope you have a great time exploring clouds.



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