Back to School

Back to school is a time mark in our kids lives. Another year has blasted by, another summer fades to cool autumn breezes, and our babies get bigger, braver, and more and more independent.

I make back to school fun. I stir up excitement for them to diminish their nervousness, but really keeping myself busy helps keep my mind from filling up with all the emotions. Bottom line, I created these traditions to keep myself sane; plus, I have fun picking out supplies, habing cart races, and picking the little items my little ones will use during the year. Don’t get me wrong, I try and save on supplies but a few personal items are important and I never skimp on extra supplies for the teacher and the classroom.

Even after they are ready to go, I want to be sure to remember how little they were. Each year we trace their little, growing, paws onto think paper. I cut them out and add their age and class year to the back. Then I whole punch the corner and add them to the binder hook I started on their first day of preschool.


I compare from year to year and, in the end, have a lifetime of memories.

I admit, I jumped on the social media craze with this next one. Capturing the 1st day of school picture in a remarkable, creative, DIY way – with a remarkable, creative, DIY sign.


There will be a year where I drop the ball and in a last ditch effort grab printer paper and a Sharpie and desperately try to save face to the other parents out there. So far, I’ve remembered . . . mostly because our school year starts later than others. By the time I need my sign, other moms and dads have already been through this scramble and I benefit. So to the moms and dads that have remembered before me – THANK YOU!

I wanted a sign I could reuse, because we all know that I do not need 15 years (preschool included) of signs laying around requiring storage space. So after making my super, crafty, sign, I am set year after year.

The signs identify school year and ask four questions including, what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you want to learn, what is your favorite color, and what are you most looking forward to?


New school years will come whether we are ready or not. They will grow whether we are ready or not. So, take some pictures, build traditions they love and anticipate, and be their biggest cheerleaders as they run into the world looking for their next great adventure.




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