Cool as Homework

Having a special place to make your mark is important. A place where creativity flows or quiet that allows for peaceful reflection. Your special space should encourage work, thought, and adventure. This is also true for the littles in our life. Homework may not be fun – in fact, they may fight you every night on the subject, but they are really no different than us big kids. They want their own space, decorated to fit their personalities and encourage their own interests. So I set out to encourage and assist my son in creating his own space.

I started by finding him the perfect desk. I jumped online and rummaged around my favorite websites with no luck. It wasn’t what he was looking for or it was way more than I was willing to pay. About the time I was ready to give up, up pops a email advertisement for a child’s desk on my local mommy blog. Ten dollars! Could this be our lucky day. I replied that I wanted it and took off to pick it up. My son came with and immediately loved it. I loved the price, so we packed it into the car and started talking about all the possibilities.


It didn’t come with a chair, so I splurged a whole $20 for an adorable red one that he liked. We got everything home and the decorating began. He added pictures to the bulletin board, filled the drawer with homework necessities. We found a great touch lamp he could maneuver himself and hung a calendar and poster to really personalize it.


He uses the space all the time. He practices in workbooks waiting for the day he receives his first assignment and he got me thinking. What did my home office space say about me? I shuddered at the thought. Nothing hung on the walls incomplete paint job, papers scattered everywhere. I didn’t use my space because it wasn’t a happy place. So, I took my own advice. I personalized it.

My husband hung the shelves, my diploma, and painted the walls. I bought a new lamp, a plant, an amazing scented candle, new pens, new folders, and a new wall calendar.


I also splurged for a fancy business card holder and really made the space my own. I have used it every day since.


Take a little time to make a space for yourself. You deserve it. As I sit in my new space, I am happy, I am productive, and I feel my creative spirit return to take on new challenges. I even pumped out a few more blogs for the next couple of weeks.


Good things happen in happy spaces.



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