With my older son in Kindergarten, I have Fridays off with my youngest. Momma days, as they are known, have always been the three of us and this year I struggled with letting my oldest go. I miss him – we miss him, but I also love the one-on-one time with my brilliant, little, chatter-box. On our very first momma day we dropped big brother off at school and drove into the city to visit the animals at the National Zoo.


We saw otters, elephants, zebras . . . We ran through sprinklers, rode the carousel, talked to tigers, and enjoyed lunch while feeding the birds.



We came home to zoo-themed crafts that made us giggle and filled my heart with happy memories I’ll never forget.

We started with some animal crackers and these supplies:


  • White and black paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue sticks
  • Toddler safe scissors


First, the adult should cut large Z shapes into the white paper.  While you are cutting, get them cutting the black paper into strips.


Next, use the glue sticks to adhere the strips to the Z and the googly eye. Z is for Zebra!!


Do not forget the last step . . .  to take an adorable picture of crafter and finished zebra craft.


A day at the zoo is always fun. A day with my little guy is always delightful. It can only be improved upon when we pick big brother up from school and read ‘Put Me In The Zoo,’ by Dr. Seuss at our favorite park.

There are so many days my life with two small boys feels like I’m living in a zoo. Crap (sometimes literal) covers my floors and you can’t see my counter tops! Mom life is a constant struggle. It is fun and funny and a whole lot of tired. I wouldn’t change a thing, well . . . Maybe hiring a housekeeper!!

Go enjoy a zoo near you.



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