I Heart You

I think the whole world could use a BIG dose of love and compassion, kindness and understanding. Normally, Valentine’s Day is a holiday where I eat poorly in the name of love, maybe wear red, and make a few love notes for the three guys in my life. This year I want Valentine’s Day to stand out and for my kids to stand up for kindness and love for all. They are six and two, so we aren’t changing the world, but we are learning that love and kindness go a long way. So . . . we crafted to prepare for a day of thanks, a day of friendship, a day of LOVE.

Our first craft is a combination of several Pinterest projects I have saved. Throw in my creative spirit and a bit of crazy fun and you have monster munch. Named by me.



Small to medium size box
Craft paper


Begin by cutting a hole in the box where a monster mouth might be located. This is the parents job for those with smaller kiddos. Then give your kids the glue stick of choice and watch them create the loveliest monster.


While they decorate, take yourself back to your elementary school art classes and start cranking out small hearts. Your kiddos will use these to feed their decorated monster. Who doesn’t need a good dose of love?!

I wrote numbers and math problems on some hearts and upper and lower case letters on some. We scattered the hearts on the floor and took turns feeding the monster while secretly learning.



First, we loved ourselves by challenging our minds and then we showed love to others by creating some gifts for our teachers.


Popsicle sticks
Conversation hearts

Simple is amazing with little kids. Graham was able to make his own candy picture frame while I challenged his older brother to create patterns using his conversation hearts. They both dived in and worked hard. Rowan was very focused and Graham, very messy! I was sure to save a box of candy hearts for our snack after craft time came to an end.

We read stories about friendship, kindness, and love. One of our favorites is, “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.” You can find all kinds of activities online to reinforce the lessons in the story. My favorite activities was just naming off traits of a good friend. I bet you can guess a few words that made our list!!


Kindness. Love.

In the end, I think we created new traditions for Valentine’s Day and the only regret I have is that the green conversation hearts are now apple flavor. What? Why?

Also, check back later this week for our super cute, very creative, Pinterest approved, class valentine!



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