Bowls of Love

Pinterest provides tons of ideas and projects for every occasion under the moon. I will never forget the first day I was introduced to Pinterest. After opening my account, my project list grew and grew and grew. Even today, I have an ongoing wish list.

I consider myself lucky that most of the projects that I have tried have been successful or at least more successful than some of those Pinterest flops you see all over the web. I like the projects that a not too time intensive, require minimal materials, and do not require fancy skills. This Valentine’s Day gift idea is prefect for children and meets all of my criteria.  Most of the materials you will have in your home and can be pulled together the night before the big day.

A peanut free option!!



Miniature Cereal Boxes
Hole Punch
Pink and Red Spoons
Nametags  – You’ll need a printer or markers to make the tags.


Begin by making or printing your tags. Cut out the tags and add one hole punch to the top. Cut strips of ribbon to your desired length and string the ribbon through the hole in the tag.  Place the spoon on the cereal box and tie everything together with a tight knot.


I can’t begin to tell you how many times my kids ask for these small cereal boxes at the grocery store. So I am confident that, even though these are not candy, they will go over swimmingly in my son’s classrooms. A little time this evening and you have a super cute, super simple, Valentine’s Day treat for any kid – big or small!



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