Green Rainbows

Since becoming Kelly O’Brien, I have looked at St. Patrick’s Day though green tinted glasses. Motherhood took that to a whole new level.  20170316_141945

Catching little green men, pots of gold, rainbows – this is creativity central with chocolate covered in gold!! Who wouldn’t jump right in as an Irish Mom?!

This year, we wanted to share our love of all things Irish.  We made class gifts, teacher gifts and I let my oldest teach my youngest all about setting leprechaun traps.

Materials for the Gifts

Ribbon – thin (white or green)
Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops Cereal
Miniature clay flower pots
Bag of Rolos
Festive Ribbon
Clear treat bags
Gift tags
Hot glue gun

For the class gift, have your kiddos add the Apple Jacks one-by-one to pre-measured ribbon. Great hand-eye coordination project for the little ones and, for the older kids, have them make patterns. Once they are done creating the beautiful, edible jewelry, tie the ends together leaving enough room for the necklace to slip over their heads. Store in Ziplock bag for freshness.


The teacher gift is a DIY for momma. While the kids count cereal pieces, plug in your glue gun and get crafty. First, add a thin line of glue around the rim of the flower pot and secure your festive ribbon.


Next, fill the flower pot with your golden Rolo candies. Place the pot in the treat bag and tie closed with another piece of the festive ribbon. Finish by adding your gift tag.



By the time you finish your DIY teacher gifts your kids will be full from sneaking the cereal and, hopefully, done with one or two necklaces. Encourage them to eat fewer and string more leaving you with less to make after they go to bed. Ha!!

Our leprechaun trap goes up tonight, so no pictures yet. I did find a giant piece of gold at Target to lure the sneaky green guy. I mean, I didn’t have a coupon for the heavy metal, but I got it for a steal!! Five dollars was a good investment for leprechaun bait.


I’ll share my special leprechaun lunches tomorrow. We are going green, going rainbows, and acting all Irish!!



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