Earthworm Appreciation Day

It is one thing to celebrate the National holidays, but in today’s world, there is something to celebrate every day. Ice cream, pets, pecans – everything!! Heck, on March 26, it is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. So we declared an Earthworm Appreciation Day.

Some may be wondering how we settled on celebrating earthworms. I wonder a bit myself, but I think it all happened while we were gardening.  See these little cultivators help us keep our thumbs green and to those who have their own garden, the fresh taste of fruits and veggies from your own backyard is something to celebrate.

How does one go about celebrating an earthworm? I found a few library books, did my Pinterest research, and then just decided to wing it. This is unchartered territory for me. I always have a plan. Always. But, staying true to the making it up as they grow parenting style, sometimes you go rogue.


I took my youngest out to the garden and we dug holes. Our goal was to find two worms and two straight sticks. The excitement on his face told me my no plan attack was a success. We gathered our worms and sticks and took them inside where we had gathered a few other items we needed to celebrate these creepy crawlers.


We measured our worms to see whose crawler was longer. Then we cheered our crawler on as they raced from point A to point B. I think I’d rather watch a turtle race, but my son loved it. He got his nose right down in the action to cheer his worm on and laughed when he started going the wrong way.


Now it was time for the sticks. We used pipe cleaners, glue, and some silly eyes to make our own tree worms. Yeah, I know, tree worms aren’t earthworms. But hey, it opens up the celebration to the whole species!!



We spent the morning celebrating. We laughed out loud more times than I could count and we got dirty. We worked together to clean up, washed our hands and made a yummy turkey sandwich for lunch.


We were careful to cut the crust off our sandwich, because today, as we celebrated worms, we thought the birds might enjoy some bread for lunch!

Happy Earthworm Day!!



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