Dancing Hearts

When you have kids in elementary school, Valentine’s day is about crafts and, more importantly, candy. Taking and trading Valentine’s day treats is a BIG deal and the pressure is on for moms and dads to make something great. Gone are the days when you could send a paper Valentine on its own. Now the trend has parents creating flying, sparkling, classroom sentiments that disappear once read. (Okay, maybe not, but the pressure is real!)

First off, paper Valentine’s are still cool and a great way to have your little one practice writing their names. Twenty kids in their class, twenty times to practice getting those lower case letters down. Second, getting creative with a treat, doesn’t have to take a month of preparation. Whether you are a craft expert or one who glues their fingers together with super glue, you can do this. It’s simple, takes very little time and it makes for a fun treat that is unique.

BUT, get your kids involved!! Unless you plan to take these treats to work for your co-workers, they should help. Time together makes any project better.

My older son loves chips. A cute note that reads, You’re all that and a bag of chips, attached to a bag of chips is awesome. Print it on address labels and stick it right to the bag or, have your child hand write them for a personal touch. Mama Cheaps has the cutest note for your chips and offers a FREE download!! It even has a super cute star border! Free and easy – you really can’t go wrong. With Valentine’s . . . I’m talking Valentine’s.

Chips Valentine Idea
Mama Cheaps picture/download – check the link and her awesome blog!!

I purchased a Valentine’s Day science kit a few years back and my son’s pre-school class loved it, so I pulled it out again to reuse for my younger son. Now, I am no scientist, but I have done some research and discovered some amazing teachers online sharing their talents. Teach-a-Roo is hosted by a public school teacher that shares awesome ideas and I was lucky to come across the Valentine Science Kit idea on the Teach-a-Roo website.


My husband is a teacher and, like him, the great ones work long after the bell rings. So, not only was I delighted to find the website, but I was thrilled to purchase the download and support another amazing teacher. I will not reveal what is in the bags, but click on the link and for a small price, you can download one of many options, for your next holiday project and support a public school teacher.


Just about the time I was done with the science kits, my older son changed his mind. (shock) No more chips, now he wanted soda. Since I hadn’t purchased chips, he lucked out. I’ll give you soda . . . coke and mint Mentos! If you are going to give soda for Valentine’s Day, make it something they will remember!


Little cards read, Friend, You’re a Blast! and included typed instructions on how to add the Mentos and watch the soda blast into the air.


My son typed the instructions for typing practice. He also learned how to save his work, print his work, and find his work. Valentine’s Day has really helped me disguise homework as life lessons!!

You can find other Valentine gift options in some of my previous posts. Teacher gifts, husband gifts, and even classroom ideas!! Or just check out the Kids Activities & Crafts tab on my homepage.


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