For The Birds

When my ideas run low, I turn to my three year old for some creative projects. At least I know he will be slightly interested in it if he was the idea producer. Sometimes he lacks ideas to and we are left turning the first thing we see into a momma day activity. We were … More For The Birds

I Heart You

I think the whole world could use a BIG dose of love and compassion, kindness and understanding. Normally, Valentine’s Day is a holiday where I eat poorly in the name of love, maybe wear red, and make a few love notes for the three guys in my life. This year I want Valentine’s Day to … More I Heart You

30 Minute Matters

When you are working full time, you begin to notice your children changing, but not before your eyes because you aren’t there. They spend more time with teachers and daycare providers than at home with you. This is the every day challenge of a working mom. You are short for time in all aspects of … More 30 Minute Matters