Be Your Own Halmark

Two days left and parents all over are scrambling to come up with Valentine’s for their children’s classrooms. I have done my fair share of last minute scrambling and took the year off. Simple projects kids can do completely by themselves was the plan and we all loved it. Kid’s Card Making 101 Whether you … More Be Your Own Halmark

Busy Bins

It happens in every house. I don’t care how amazing you are, even magical powers don’t work on every meltdown. Homework assignment turn to tears, little people screaming (I mean singing) songs about poop and farts, and oh, the bickering. No one will survive completely unphased. Welcome to parenthood. Come with a plan and you … More Busy Bins

Dream Team

I have a son who loves basketball. He loves dribbling, passing, driving to the hoop, and of course, he loves the swish! All he wanted for his birthday was a basketball party with his friends and I wanted him to have his b-ball birthday wish. Getting into the spirit of the game I reflected on … More Dream Team

Green Rainbows

Since becoming Kelly O’Brien, I have looked at St. Patrick’s Day though green tinted glasses. Motherhood took that to a whole new level.   Catching little green men, pots of gold, rainbows – this is creativity central with chocolate covered in gold!! Who wouldn’t jump right in as an Irish Mom?! This year, we wanted … More Green Rainbows

Cool as Homework

Having a special place to make your mark is important. A place where creativity flows or quiet that allows for peaceful reflection. Your special space should encourage work, thought, and adventure. This is also true for the littles in our life. Homework may not be fun – in fact, they may fight you every night … More Cool as Homework