Bowls of Love

Pinterest provides tons of ideas and projects for every occasion under the moon. I will never forget the first day I was introduced to Pinterest. After opening my account, my project list grew and grew and grew. Even today, I have an ongoing wish list. I consider myself lucky that most of the projects that … More Bowls of Love

Feed the Foodie

Three days in and most parents are done with the creativity. For my kids, it isn’t about the cute animal shaped sandwiches or the specially cut veggies, it is about the food. They will eat it if they like it. My kids would eat turkey roll ups every day if they could, but I prefer … More Feed the Foodie

Pumpkin Day

You know I love traditions and last year a friend shared one of their family traditions with us that I absolutely love. I have been waiting for the first Saturday in October for another family Pumpkin Day adventure. Pumpkin day is a celebration of fall, cool weather, and of course everything pumpkin. From the pumpkin … More Pumpkin Day

Lunch in a box

A month into the school year and I am out of the creative, get-them-to-eat, lunch ideas. To me lunches are like bedtime stories. Sometimes you just have to hide their favorite or you’ll lose your mind! Well, there are only so many turkey sandwiches I can make before the same dreadful conclusion. Getting them to eat is not the … More Lunch in a box