Lucky Little Potato

All over the Internet I’ve seen Read Around The World book lists, lessons, and projects and I quickly jumped on the band wagon. We have traveled all over Africa and landed in Europe and Ireland just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Potatoes have a long history with Ireland. The great potato famine of 1840 … More Lucky Little Potato

Busy Bins

It happens in every house. I don’t care how amazing you are, even magical powers don’t work on every meltdown. Homework assignment turn to tears, little people screaming (I mean singing) songs about poop and farts, and oh, the bickering. No one will survive completely unphased. Welcome to parenthood. Come with a plan and you … More Busy Bins

For The Birds

When my ideas run low, I turn to my three year old for some creative projects. At least I know he will be slightly interested in it if he was the idea producer. Sometimes he lacks ideas to and we are left turning the first thing we see into a momma day activity. We were … More For The Birds