Staying Afloat

During the summer children every where sign up for swimming lessons. It may be their first lesson or one to help build technic. They jump in following instructions and slowly begin to make their own waves. Scheduling work and family sometimes feels like treading water. At first, it seems easy and your head is well … More Staying Afloat

Say Cheese!

I find family pictures a challenge.  From the location, to the wardrobe, to the poses – all the decisions make me crazy.  What doesn’t make me crazy is calling my friend Melissa up and scheduling the madness. She has a special touch in getting my kids to smile and not move all in the same … More Say Cheese!

It Takes a Village

I’m sure my co-worker would be able to share every cultural tradition that takes place in preparation for a new baby.  I don’t know if this follows one of those traditions, but I’m so happy to have this memory and I wanted to share the idea with you all to share with your friends and … More It Takes a Village