Feed the Foodie

Three days in and most parents are done with the creativity. For my kids, it isn’t about the cute animal shaped sandwiches or the specially cut veggies, it is about the food. They will eat it if they like it. My kids would eat turkey roll ups every day if they could, but I prefer … More Feed the Foodie

Lunch in a box

A month into the school year and I am out of the creative, get-them-to-eat, lunch ideas. To me lunches are like bedtime stories. Sometimes you just have to hide their favorite or you’ll lose your mind! Well, there are only so many turkey sandwiches I can make before the same dreadful conclusion. Getting them to eat is not the … More Lunch in a box

Power Trip

Just passed the 100 days of school mark and I already dread packing lunches and planning breakfasts. Full disclosure, I starting dreading this after week one). When kids run nonstop all day long, cold cereal (although wonderfully simply) doesn’t provide adequate energy for their days. Getting myself up, showered, dressed, and finding keys, phone, and matching … More Power Trip