For The Birds

When my ideas run low, I turn to my three year old for some creative projects. At least I know he will be slightly interested in it if he was the idea producer. Sometimes he lacks ideas to and we are left turning the first thing we see into a momma day activity. We were … More For The Birds

On Their Own

There is pressure in today’s world to over structure your children’s lives. Heck, my life is over structured and the limited time I have with my children is priceless. ┬áMany times I plan projects or outings with my kids to guarantee quality time. This works for me, but it doesn’t leave room for unplanned play. … More On Their Own


With my older son in Kindergarten, I have Fridays off with my youngest. Momma days, as they are known, have always been the three of us and this year I struggled with letting my oldest go. I miss him – we miss him, but I also love the one-on-one time with my brilliant, little, chatter-box. … More ZOO-topia

Lucky Charms

If the O’Brien’s did not go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, there would be something wrong with the world. We start weeks before the holiday to make sure we get every last ounce of fun out. It has nothing to do with luck, but I do feel pretty lucky with my three boys by … More Lucky Charms

Animal Antics

Saddle up and hit the trails. We have proof that cold weather should not slow you down. It was below freezing in South Dakota and we just bundled up for an amazing time on the farm. We had so much fun riding miniture horses and playing with the kittens our experience influenced momma day planning. … More Animal Antics