Feed the Foodie

Three days in and most parents are done with the creativity. For my kids, it isn’t about the cute animal shaped sandwiches or the specially cut veggies, it is about the food. They will eat it if they like it. My kids would eat turkey roll ups every day if they could, but I prefer … More Feed the Foodie

Pack a Picnic

Trying new recipes is a normal part of my weekly routine. I try at least two new recipes a week, filling in the other nights with easy favorites like spaghetti and traditional family casseroles. Every now and then I come across a recipe that demands inclusion on the rotation. These two salads did just that … More Pack a Picnic

Raising a Thief

It was on our summer bucket list, but no matter how many times we go to the orchard, I never learn my lesson. My efforts are always greater than the time I have to create the scrumptious recipes floating around in my head. We crossed the trip off our list and came home with buckets … More Raising a Thief