Kickin’ the Bucket

Summer is meant to be lived with abandon. Let go of routine and schedule, kick back and relax! As we counted down the final days of school this past Spring, we started dreaming of the long summer days and we wrote down what we wanted to do to make our summer memorable. A summer version … More Kickin’ the Bucket

For The Birds

When my ideas run low, I turn to my three year old for some creative projects. At least I know he will be slightly interested in it if he was the idea producer. Sometimes he lacks ideas to and we are left turning the first thing we see into a momma day activity. We were … More For The Birds

Back to School

Back to school is a time mark in our kids lives. Another year has blasted by, another summer fades to cool autumn breezes, and our babies get bigger, braver, and more and more independent. I make back to school fun. I stir up excitement for them to diminish their nervousness, but really keeping myself busy … More Back to School