Merry Countdown

December first is our start date. The first day of our advent calendar. The first day of our holiday merriment. We have already started counting down to Christmas. Each day we do something together as a family and I have just as much fun as my kids. This year I was feeling a desire to … More Merry Countdown

Raising a Thief

It was on our summer bucket list, but no matter how many times we go to the orchard, I never learn my lesson. My efforts are always greater than the time I have to create the scrumptious recipes floating around in my head. We crossed the trip off our list and came home with buckets … More Raising a Thief

Letting Loose

There is never a better time to get lost in adventure than right now. Why not? Why wait? You may never hear these words spoken from my mouth again, but . . . why plan? The planner in me likes things to follow a pattern, for things to be pieced together with careful precision and … More Letting Loose