Fantastic Fathers

I love being a mom blogger. I love sharing the fun projects and activities that I do with my kids with people all over the world. I take time to plan, the crafts take time, taking pictures where my kids are looking takes time and then it takes time to blog. Let’s review – time!! … More Fantastic Fathers

Be Your Own Halmark

Two days left and parents all over are scrambling to come up with Valentine’s for their children’s classrooms. I have done my fair share of last minute scrambling and took the year off. Simple projects kids can do completely by themselves was the plan and we all loved it. Kid’s Card Making 101 Whether you … More Be Your Own Halmark

Water Works

On September 10th, we celebrate our grandparents. We celebrate the silly, fun adventures they share with us and all the ways they show us love. We tell them we appreciate them, take them out for special lunches, and just make their hearts all kinds of happy . . . Because they deserve it! We turn … More Water Works

Green Rainbows

Since becoming Kelly O’Brien, I have looked at St. Patrick’s Day though green tinted glasses. Motherhood took that to a whole new level.   Catching little green men, pots of gold, rainbows – this is creativity central with chocolate covered in gold!! Who wouldn’t jump right in as an Irish Mom?! This year, we wanted … More Green Rainbows

I Heart You

I think the whole world could use a BIG dose of love and compassion, kindness and understanding. Normally, Valentine’s Day is a holiday where I eat poorly in the name of love, maybe wear red, and make a few love notes for the three guys in my life. This year I want Valentine’s Day to … More I Heart You