7th Inning Stretch

I’m going to warn you this post will include multiple sporting references. Likely, many will be inaccurate and others will just be wrong. I could look them up to ensure they are correct but I’m going to let my laziness serve as a bit of humor here. All warnings aside, you are in the bottom … More 7th Inning Stretch

Feed the Foodie

Three days in and most parents are done with the creativity. For my kids, it isn’t about the cute animal shaped sandwiches or the specially cut veggies, it is about the food. They will eat it if they like it. My kids would eat turkey roll ups every day if they could, but I prefer … More Feed the Foodie

Snow Day Delights

The snow is coming down sideways outside. Inches continue to pile on to those already on the ground and it is cold. We have been outside, made snow angels, went sledding, and shoveled again and again, but how do you keep kids busy and entertained inside? There are the usual entertainers: books, board games, puzzles, … More Snow Day Delights

Another Cheesy Post

There are a few things that you need when you are stuck inside waiting out a snow storm. Essentials. For me those are homemade snacks, wine, and cheese. Most of these snow day essentials will break your diet, but cheese number sneaks in some veggies the kids will be oblivious to and will love. Bonus, … More Another Cheesy Post